Hot Water Heater Leaking

Is Your Hot Water Heater Leaking?

hot water heater leakingIs your hot water heater leaking? Although a small leak in your hot water heater might not seem like a big problem, however a small leak can fast become a rather large problem.

Even a little bit of water will damage your:

  • floors
  • sub-floors
  • walls
  • furniture
  • other possessions

You should be aware that a leaking hot water heater can be a sign of a much bigger issue. A total water heater failure can cause a terrible flood in your home that could cause severe damage to your property.

For some people having a water heater leak in there home can be a serious health concern. This is because damp and wet areas can breed mold and mildew that can cause some people to have an allergic as well as asthmatic reactions.

The EPA states that there are some types of mold spores that are toxic and can lead to very serious health issues.

So is your hot water heater leaking:

  • from top
  • from the bottom
  • from the pressure relief valve
  • from drain valve
  • from overflow pipe

Also determine if the hot water leak is:

  • dripping
  • spraying
  • flooding

Since any type of leak including a leaking hot water heater that might be leaking will not just go away without being fixed but only get worse, it’s best to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

First you need to check and find out where your hot water heater leak is coming from. What you should do is:

  • check the drain valve for leaks
  • check to see if it is leaking from the pressure relief valve
  • make sure the water you see is not condensation
  • check to see if the cold or hot water pipes are leaking
  • check to see if the base of your hot water heater tank is leaking, if this is your problem it’s really bad news

Once you’ve discovered the area where your hot water heater is leaking from it is a good idea to turn off the cold water supply to it as soon as possible so the leaking water won’t cause any more damage to your property or belongings.

If you are unable to stop your hot water heater leaking yourself, you should really think about getting a plumber professional who can help you solve this issue.

You don’t want to let your hot water heater leak continue and possibly cause any damage to your home or any of your belongings that are near the leaking water heater.

If you have to purchase a new hot water heater you should think about purchasing a tankless hot water heater. This will not only save you money on making hot water, it will also provide you with instant hot water whenever needed and only when it is needed.

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